This guide will explain what Grass Top Manhole Covers are.

What are Grass Top Manhole Covers?

Grass Top Manhole Covers, or Drain Covers, are only made by Combined Harvesters. They are block pavior manhole covers of 80 or 100mm recess but with key changes. We add drain holes and filter layers which let water pass through.

Where can you use a Grass Top Manhole Covers?

Our Grass Top Drain Covers are great for garden, patio, driveway uses. As they are recessed manhole covers there is room for grass, turf, bark, rubber, gravel and other fills. Grass will grow in these manhole covers!

They can be used with below ground rain systems as water that drains through the manhole cover will be filtered before going into the tank. It will be almost impossible to see the manhole cover at all!

The Grass Top Manhole Covers we offer take the load of cars, vans and small trucks. They can be used in drives as well as gardens. Easier on the eye than a cast iron or flush manhole cover.

What size are Grass Top Manhole Covers?

If you click here you see the sizes we offer as standard. We can also have manhole covers made to any size as long as the recess is at least 80mm. This is to allow room for the filter layer and fill materials.

Are there trade options for Grass Top Manhole Covers?

All our Grass Tops are made to order. We offer direct dispatch straight to site. Bulk orders are no problem at all. We offer discount rates for trade customers. Accounts are also available. If you want a price list or brochure just let us know.

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Grass Top Manhole Covers

Grass Top Manhole Cover

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