sandbag alternatives

Sandbag Alternatives

Self-Inflating Flood Bags, HydroSacks & HydroSnakes

Whilst the basic hessian sandbag is a cheap and cheerful solution for flood prevention, there are more efficient and higher quality products on the market. This guide will give an insight into these.

First though, why should you consider sandbag alternatives?

Generally speaking, standard sandbags aren’t suitable for emergencies. Their weight and size makes it hard to quickly build a strong barrier to block the flood. They are also not ideal for long term storage due to the amount of room they use. The sandbag alternatives we offer don’t inflate until in contact with water, making them easy store and carry.

All of the flooding products we offer can be found on our website.

sandbag alternatives

Self-Inflating Flood Bags

The first of our sandbag alternatives, we have found self-inflating flood bags to be hugely popular in the UK.

These sandbags weigh less than half 1kg before inflation, making them easy to store and move. They only take 3 to 5mins to absorb water when the flood hits. They will then weigh about 20kg. The inflation is possible thanks to the Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP).

After use the self-inflating flood bags can be left to dry out. It is then easy to dispose of the bags without harming the environment like traditional sandbags do. The gel is inert. The hessian bags can be disposed of in a normal landfill. Or, the contents can be added to the garden to aid in water retention.

We can offer bulk volumes of self-inflating flood bags direct to private clients, to site or drop-shipped.

HydroSacks & HydroSnakes

sandbag alternatives


sandbag alternatives











HydroSacks/Snakes are our main sandbag alternatives. The are the new, modern method of creating an effective barrier to fight the threat of flood water in domestic and commercial properties. It is the perfect substitute for the old sandbag which is hard to handle, labour intensive and a potential hazard.

Each HydroSack/Snake absorbs up to 20 litres of water. Even when punctured this water will not be let out, unlike the vast majority of sandbag alternatives. Built into layers the HydroSack creates a great flood barrier.

They are environmentally friendly. To dispose simply empty the contents into the earth.

A HydroSack is 60 x 48cm. It has two handles for easy movement. A HydroSnake is 145 x 25cm. Nine pads of SAP are built in.

HydroSacks and HydroSnakes are also available in bulk volumes at discount rates. Contact us for details.

sandbag alternatives


sandbag alternatives



Josh Casson, @EcoDrainage